1st Anniversary Gifts For Couples

A traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper, which symbolises the fragility and newness of a young marriage. There are plenty of creative ways to give a personalized first anniversary present using this theme, including framed sheet music of their favorite song or a push pin map they can use to mark the places they’ve visited (or want to visit) together. Books, prints and card games also make great first anniversary gifts for couples.

If they love to play games, a customized Monopoly board or set of Scrabble or checkers can be fun first anniversary gifts for her and him. For a more modern take on this tradition, get them a photo wall clock to display all the wonderful memories they have made together over the past year.

Whether they have a dog or cat, getting a custom pet portrait makes a sweet and quirky one-year anniversary gift for her and him. Alternatively, they’ll both enjoy having their initials printed on stationery like notepads or envelopes.

Nurture their green thumbs with a rose garden or raised vegetable beds. They’ll appreciate being able to grow their own food, plus it’ll be a lovely way for them to remember your first year of marriage every time they tend to the plants.

If they’re both Apple watch fans, an engraved leather Apple band is a stylish yet practical gift. Add a special touch by engraving it with initials, dates or a short message. 1st Anniversary Gifts

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