Selling Your Junk Car in Cape Coral, Florida

The City of Cape Coral is located on Florida’s gulf coast with many beautiful canals and lakes, offering water sports like kayaking, fishing and boating. There are many shopping centers and boutiques, as well as great restaurants. The city has a strong economy and provides plenty of jobs. It’s a popular place to retire and live a sun-filled lifestyle in sunny southern Florida.

Getting rid of an old junk car is easier than you think! You can sell it to Wheelzy or trade it in at a dealership. The process is fast and simple and you can get cash in your hand for your vehicle!

A wrecked or damaged car is still worth something when selling it to Wheelzy. It depends on the damage and how many working parts it has. The make and model are also important factors. An older and rarer vehicle is going to be more valuable on the scrap metal market.

A slipping transmission is never safe to drive and can cause an accident that puts you or someone else at risk. It is always a good idea to call your local mechanic for help and make an appointment to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. Until you do, if your car is having a hard time shifting gears and slipping out of control, consider selling it to Wheelzy for some instant cash! Our professional junk car buyers will give you a fair price for your vehicle and even pick it up for free! junk car cape coral

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