Why Your Man Doesn’t Value You

If your man doesn’t value you, it can be extremely frustrating. You do so much for him, yet he fails to recognize your worth. Usually, this happens because men have big egos and are blinded to their own accomplishments. You need to help them come down from their self-constructed high horse so they can see your true worth.

This can be done in a subtle way. One thing you can do is simply ignore him enough to make him think he has lost you. This will cause him to chase after you and show he wants you back. Another way you can make him realize your worth is by triggering his hero instinct. This can be achieved by asking for his help, appreciating him, supporting his ambitions and plenty of other things. You can even find out what specific text to send him to trigger this hero instinct in this free video.

You can also try telling him that you have been feeling left out or taken for granted. Men like a good fight but they also need to know that their partners appreciate them. Finally, you can try to encourage him to talk about his feelings and how he feels about you.

It is also important to work on your own self-esteem with a counselor or coach. This is often the most effective way to change your belief system so you can stop accepting less than what you deserve. How to value your man

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