Phone Case Stickers – Show Off Your Personality With Custom Phone Case Stickers

Put your personality on your most personal piece of tech with custom-designed phone stickers. Whether it’s your own hand-lettered art, digital design, or a photo, you can now turn any image into a sticker to show off on the device that’s always at your side.

Get your stickers fast and easy with a 4 day turnaround, free shipping, and proofs sent quickly after checkout. Choose from white or clear vinyl for a high-quality finish that protects your stickers from scratches, sun, and rain.

We use lamination to add a layer of material on top of your printed stickers to improve their durability, strength, and appearance. Lamination offers a high level of UV protection, making your stickers last 1-3 years longer than unlaminated stickers. It also increases the thickness of your stickers, and can change their finish to glossy or matte.

If your stickers contain any text, please ensure that all fonts are outlined. When submitted without outlines, we may not be able to accurately reproduce the colors and fonts in your artwork. If you are unsure of how to outline your text, please consult a professional graphic designer. For best results, we recommend using Adobe Illustrator or a similar program. If you are using a different software, please follow these instructions to convert your artwork into a compatible file for printing. Phone Case Stickers

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