Work From Home Challenges Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Work from Home (WFH) is a flexible working arrangement that allows employees to perform their job duties from anywhere, not just from the office. It’s an important part of modern business and the way that employers are approaching their digital transformation initiatives.

WFH can have a positive impact on employee morale and engagement, as well as productivity and retention. It also opens up a wider talent pool by giving people who would otherwise be unable to work full-time due to family commitments or distance the opportunity to apply for a role with your company.

The benefits of a WFH arrangement include the ability to focus without distractions, such as household chores and other tasks that might distract a regular office worker from their work; increased flexibility for employees and their families, which can lead to happier and more productive people; and reduced absences due to illness or caregiving responsibilities. However, there are some challenges of working from home that businesses should be aware of.

It can be difficult to separate work and home life when you’re working from home, especially if your housemates aren’t used to it. It can also be easy to become distracted by Netflix and social media when you’re trying to finish an important project, or spend too much time performing non-work tasks such as cooking or cleaning that waste energy you could use on work.

To mitigate these challenges, a few key things that companies should implement are morning meetings and clear visibility of schedules. For example, a quick Zoom call where employees can be updated on the day’s goals will ensure they can remain focused throughout their workday. Work from Home

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